New Service for High Risk Security : WAF - OWASP DDHP Security - Special for Scripts Vulnerable or Obsolete

OWASP 2013


WAF HIGH SECURITY - ( Special for HYIPs Scripts )
Stop Malicious Attacks with an Enterprise-Grade Web Application Firewall

Backdoor Protection - anti-shell
SQL Injection protection
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
protection Illegal Resources Access protection
Remote File Include (RFI) protection
OWASP Top 10 threats protection
PCI 6.6 compliance reporting
Advanced exception handling
Platform virtual patching
Research driven security policies
Reputation based security

Zero impact deployment

WAF Security

Website Security (Increase your Security VS Spammers Attacks)
Comment spam elimination
Form Contact Protected
Bad bots blocking

Support for SSL
Security event investigation

PERFORMANCE SPEED CONTENT (Increase your Website Speed by Up to 50% With Global CDN Delivery)
Global CDN Delivery
Static content caching
Static content compression
Content Minification
On the fly image optimization
Advanced dynamic content caching
Dynamic content compression

CDN Delivery

Money Back Guarantee for this Services of High Security anti- Intrusion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

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