New Product: Innovation HYIP Hosting Guard 3.0 with Panel for Monitoring and Managing Protection

hyip hosting 3.0

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Release HYIP Hosting Pro. 3.0 High Risk Services
We are excited on release HYIP Hosting Pro. 3.0 for all our Customer DDHP Security Now From 250GBPS to 450 GBPS / 440MPPS Filtering with Multiples Datacenters.  
The Best DDos Protection in the world RIOREY Networks Solutions.

Real-Time Control
DDHPGuard Real-Time view supports the mitigation process by providing accurate visibility into Layer 7 traffic Malicious.

By providing accessible and actionable live information, DDHPGuard Real-Time view serves as an important security tool which enables data-driven response to DDoS hreats and any other unwanted scenarios.

VIP-Class 24x7 Support
DDHP managed DDoS protection services are supported by a dedicated team of experienced SOC (security operations center) engineers. Their responsibilities include: proactive response and event management, continuous real-time monitoring, adept policy tuning, summary attack reports and 24x7 support via Ticket or Via Live Chat.


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plans hyip hosting 3.0

For More Information Here Link Direct of our product

Panel of Monitoring and Managing DDoS Traffic in Real Time from here

panel of control ddos protection
Panel DDoS protection




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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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